Mediven Support Hose: READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY

Buying support hose helps the flow of blood and fluid in your blood vessels, but puts a hurt on your pocketbook. If you lack health insurance or have a high-deductible policy, taking a gamble on an unknown brand of Mediven support hose can feel like a gamble. Before you purchase compression stockings made by Mediven, here are a few things you should know:

#1: Mediven products are latex-free and cotton-free.

Medi, the company that manufactures Mediven support hose, says this on their website: “Medi understands the significant risk associated with putting products that contain latex, directly on the skin. The risk of having an adverse allergic reaction with latex is therefore eliminated. As for cotton-free, Medi believes strongly in non-cotton, breathable products that contain anti-microbial properties. Just look at high-end sports apparel being sold today, no cotton.”

#2: You may need a doctor’s prescription to wear certain types of Mediven support hose.

You can still purchase Mediven hose over the Internet, but for certain strengths of support hose — for example, for hose that offer 30-40 mmHg or more compression levels — you’ll need to fax in a copy of your doctor’s prescription. Wearing these levels of Mediven support hose is usually for people with serious venous disease and lymphedema. Lower compression levels of Mediven support hose can be worn by pregnant women, people who stand on their feet a lot at work, people recovering from surgery, or those with spider or varicose veins.

#3: Mediven support hose are not the same as anti-embolism stockings.

Here’s what the company that manufacturers them has to say about the differences: “Anti-embolism stockings are given out in hospitals. They’re specifically designed for patients who are lying down. While they provide slight compression along the leg, they do not provide the prescription graduated compression that’s so important for fighting vein disease when you are up and about and leading a normal life.”

#4: Mediven support hose don’t look like your grandma’s support stockings!

Gone are the days of beige-colored stockings pooling around your ankles. Today’s support hose are constructed of lighter, more breathable elastics and fibers that works more effectively to prevent vein problems. They come in a variety of colors and lengths, depending on your lifestyle, fashion preferences, and the level of compression you need.

#5: You can buy Mediven support hose online.

There are many medical suppliers that carry a variety of Mediven support hose online. Amazon, which often offers free shipping, also carries a number of items from the Mediven line: