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Sigvaris Hose for Those Who Want Fashion and Support

Just because you need support hose for pregnancy, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis prevention, and other conditions that cause tired, achy legs doesn’t mean you want to throw fashion out the window. Sigvaris hose offers a variety of fashionable support stockings for men and women.


If you want a lighter-weight support hose that looks like regular panty hose but supports like a compression stocking, try the Sigvaris Sheer Fashion hosiery line. These stockings come in knee high and thigh high lengths and include ribbed dress socks for men. They are no thicker than a pair of panty hose – there’s no need for anyone to wear droopy, unsightly looking support hose!


When you go with Sigvaris hose, your choices aren’t limited to boring taupe. You can choose a variety of colors such as black, charcoal, navy, white, suntan, and terracotta in both support hosiery and socks.

Styles and Textures

Whether you want casual cotton socks or fashion hosiery, Sigvaris offers a variety of patterns and textures, including ribbed, casual socks or lighter-weight dress socks. Try the Casual Cotton or the Cushioned Cotton lines.

Although drugstore support stocking brands often work well for milder cases of varicose veins and aching legs, those with more serious cases of varicose veins, lymphedema, or other chronic venous disorders often benefit by purchasing support stockings from a specialty retailer. A doctor can prescribe tighter support stockings that may alleviate your circulatory condition, and legwear retailers can provide stockings that fit your fashion needs, too.

Where can you buy support hose? Buying support hose online is often the most convenient process for people who need legwear. Online retailers such as Sigvaris hose, Jobst support hose, Mediven, and Juzo offer measuring instructions on their websites that will help ensure you get support stockings that fit perfectly. You can also get support stocking help at your local medical supply store – these stores often have sales associates trained to fit you for the latest in supportive legwear fashion.

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