Support Panty Hose: What to Buy

Has your doctor or nurse told you that you should wear support panty hose for your circulatory or vein problem? If so, making a choice from the dizzying array of options available online or at your local drugstore often proves incredibly confusing. Let’s break down your options so you can make the best support hose choice for your aching legs.


Some popular brands of support panty hose include Sigvaris, Juzo, Mediven, and Jobst. Specialty maternity support hose are also available for pregnant women.

Compression Level

Support panty hose are made of tight, elastic fibers that help squeeze the veins in your legs and improve blood flow. The first thing you should find out from your doctor is the compression level of support panty hose you need. The compression level indicates how tightly the fibers squeeze your legs. Light compression is 8-15 mmHg; other support levels are 15-20 mmHg; 20-30 mmHg; 30-40 mmHg; and 40-50 mmHg +. Higher compression levels require a doctor’s prescription; up to 20 mmHg can be purchased online or from a drugstore or pharmacy.


Support panty hose are often available in thigh high and knee high lengths. Your doctor may offer some suggestions on which length works best for you. Some studies have shown that knee high varieties work just as well as thigh highs, and they’re easier for people to get on and off.

Color and Thickness

In many cases, support pantyhose come in a variety of colors and thicknesses, as well as support levels and lengths. Brands such as Sigvaris offer color choices such as black, navy, white, and terracotta as well as the more traditional nude or beige colors.

These options should give you some direction when it comes to choosing support hosiery. Your doctor may offer some suggestions on brand, length, and compression level, but when it comes to color choices, it’s up to you!